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Nigerian Woman in Black And White! 

afrobohemian-nomad I am turning 25 next month (tears) and as an African woman as well, i am facing the same issues as you mentioned in the video. Last week my mom and two aunties took it upon themselves to organize an intervention about becoming a woman (learning how to cook, dress, etc), and most importantly marriage - i just graduated Msc, so marriage is FAR from my mind. It annoys me though that adulthood is simply defined in a specific way. Any tips on how not to show your annoyance to these 'adult' relatives?


Hahahahahah @ your aunts and mother’s attempts!

I try to keep my annoyance level down by reminding myself that they’re just different folk from me. Especially within the African community, I pride myself in being respectful to my elders so I just take a deep breath and take it all in stride. I listen, smile, lightly object and go ahead doing what I want to anyway.

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